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Recent media interest in social networking sites has highlighted the need for employers to adequately inform their staff of conditions regarding internet access while at work. You may be tempted to sack a member of your staff for making a comment to a friend on Facebook or Twitter which compromises your business integrity, but were they aware of this risk in the first place?    Employers must put policies and procedures in place which clearly explain the rules and conditions of employment. It's all about minimising risk. Staff should be made aware as soon as they take up employment..
More than ever, caring for our environment is becoming part of the average Australian’s consciousness. It has taken many years for environmental issues to become part of the everyday vernacular in Australia. Our environment has helped shape our national identity; there is a deep (and often unconscious) link between the native flora and fauna of the land and how we view ourselves as Australians. Whilst the social response to this has varied a great deal, Environmentalism in Australia has mostly been on the fringes of society. But things have changed significantly. In the past, Environmentali..
Policies and Procedures provide a clear statement of the rules and conditions of employment. It is important that they are read and understood by all staff. Clearly defined policies increase productivity. They provide employees with a reference source on many operational questions, allowing staff to make faster decisions while complying with company guidelines. A Policy explains the company's stance on a particular issue, be it security, safety or general conduct and what the organisation intends to do about the issue. It also outlines the company's commitment to voluntarily comply with leg..

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