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Policies and Procedures provide a clear statement of the rules and conditions of employment. It is important that they are read and understood by all staff. Clearly defined policies increase productivity. They provide employees with a reference source on many operational questions, allowing staff to make faster decisions while complying with company guidelines. A Policy explains the company's stance on a particular issue, be it security, safety or general conduct and what the organisation intends to do about the issue. It also outlines the company's commitment to voluntarily comply with leg..
When you’re sick, you go and see a doctor. If your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic. Similarly, if you are not winning tenders you should, if you can’t effectively communicate your point of difference or if you don’t have the policies and procedures to support your OH&S or Environmental responsibilities – you probably need the services of an experienced, professional business writer. Tenders Tender responses are notoriously difficult to write. They’re supposed to be difficult. Many similar businesses are pitching in competitive marketplaces and the organisation putting o..
Starting your own business is a daunting prospect, but with some research and planning you will mitigate both your financial and personal risk. If you’re not sure where to start and need some clarity, the following Top Ten Tips will give you that final nudge to get started. TOP TEN TIPS TO REMEMBER WHEN STARTING OUT Recognise your strengths and weaknesses. You may have great vision and people management skills but little understanding of marketing or financials. Pin pointing the areas that you will need help with at the beginning will save you time and money in the future. Do your..

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