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Tasks you can implement into your business today

  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work Program.
  • Compliant Health and Safety system
  • Sustainable Environmental Managment System
  • Website Management Processes
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Legal Employee Contracts
  • IT Project Management
  • Process Driven Quality Management System
  • IT Guideliness for acceptable use in the workplace
  • Professional Company Profile
  • Proposals to potenetial clients including accompanying letters
  • Comprehensive Business Case
  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Business Continuity Management Plan
  • Managed Billing Procesess
  • Environmental Sustainability Management Plan
  • Compliants Management System
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Administration Management including petty case, preferred supplier lists, customer complaints and more.
  • HR Management System including all supporting forms i.e. sick leave, payslips etc.
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Strategic Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection process